2012 Gothic Fashion

Gothic fashion has been a huge trend throughout 2012. Though hints towards the gothic look are embraced in many people’s winter wardrobes, this year it didn’t stop when the sun came out. Dark nails and makeup seem to be a natural transgression in to autumn after summer’s pastel shades, but this year it’s been gothic grunge the whole year round.

Crosses have been a massive trend, with ‘Satanic’ symbols on everything from earrings to leggings, and spikes have been an accessory never to be seen without. The look is so easy to pull off, as the first rule of gothic fashion is always wear black.

Creepers and chunky shoes have also seen a massive comeback, with Jeffrey Campbell as a huge influence. His Lita platform boots, which were originally inspired by the less practical but far more epic Charles Anastase Dungeon Boots, have become a high street sensation. Not only do they fit the chunky platform trend, but they’re available in a range of styles, many boasting killer spikes. Naturally, it wasn’t long before replicas were to be found all over the high street.

Throughout summer, the gothic look has been feminised by pops of pastel colour to add a girly hint which still keeps it grungey. This has been majorly popular as a hair trend, with rainbow coloured hair seen everywhere. Gothic accessories tend to be silver, with spikes and chokers being a favoured choice, but this winter it’s all about leather.

From the sleeves of jackets and t shirts, to shorts and trousers, and now even jewellery, leather has a way of spanning every style, from grungey to glam. Whatever way you chose to wear it, the gothic look is so easy to pull of. If you’re not quite ready to cover yourself in spikes and leather, a stretched out black jumper with black skinnies and piston boots are a simple yet fashionable place to start. Ease yourself in, and in no time you’ll be rocking black lipstick and platforms like the best of them.

If you're really into the look, check out these authentic Victorian jackets at Nordic Poetry. They're the ultimate Gothic piece for winter.

Victorian Vintage Goth Jacket

Vintage Victorian Gothic Jacket

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