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Aviator Jackets

The roots of the aviator jacket go back to World War I, when as early as 1915 the French and Belgian Royal Flying Corps wore long leather coats as part of their uniform. When the US Army Air Corps introduced the waist length version in 1931, it didn’t take long for the fashion world to pick it up.

Though associated with men’s fashion due to its army roots, Amelia Earhart helped introduce the aviator as an iconic look for women. Earhart’s 1934 fashion line for Macy’s included very similar jackets, as well as a dress made from parachute silk.

In modern fashion, the look hasn’t changed much , with classic fur-lined bomber jackets keeping the classic shapes and styles of the 1931 originals. Available all over the high street, the quality of vintage aviators goes unrivalled, since they were designed to protect soldiers against the cold of open WWI planes. Burberry hit the nail on the head when it comes to modern interpretations of the jackets, with the same high quality materials and a cool modern take on the traditional styles, but starting at around £1,295 it might be best to stick to the originals!



At Nordic Poetry we’ve got hold of some of the best vintage aviator jackets dating back to the 1930s. If you’re not quite on a Burberry budget, check them out and make sure an aviator is one of your autumn wardrobe staples.

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