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Fashion icons: Imelda Marcos

At Nordic Poetry we love to explore the history of fashion as this, of course, is what makes vintage clothes just so interesting!  However its not just about the clothes, its also the people who wore them which makes our passion for vintage fashion so great. So follow our blog for features on fashion icons who have made marks in history. Some you may instantly recognise and others like our first fashion icon, Filipino politician Imelda Marcos, may be a nice new surprise for you.

Imelda Marcos is famously known for her marriage to Philippines president Ferdinand Marcos, as well as the luxury lifestyle that went with it . The Marcoses were accused of looting as much as $10 billion in assets from the Philippines before her husband's regime was toppled.

Imelda embraced the perks of being first lady when her family fled the country she reportedly left behind 800 dresses, mink coats and around 1,200 pairs of shoes!

Shoes our quite an obsession with Imelda Marcos and this obsession is part of what makes her a fashion icon.
Imelda has a shoe collection which is said to have reached 3,000 pairs! 800 pairs are kept in a shoe museum in Marikina city, capital of the Philippine Shoe industry. Among the most expensive in her collections are Ferragamo, Chanel, Christian Dior and Givenchy.

Imelda Marcos is famous for her signature "pointy shoulder" dress. Most of her dresses have that interesting signature style. Imelda is already an icon for many, so its no surprise that she now has her own fashion collection and a play based on her lavish life has recently been made. She is famously known for being a bit of a drama queen which has made her a  hit in the drag-queen scene in Manila where a number of bars are dedicated to her.

So Imelda Marcos fashion icon we salute you, for above everything else proving that a woman can never have too many shoes!

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