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Military Fashion in the Hip Hop/Grunge Music Scene

This seasons Military Trend has been capturing runways all over the world so Nordic Poetry have decided to take action and explore the history of the trend, in particular a staple item the – Military jacket, enriched with strong characteristics  it’s an item constantly evolving from its roots in warfare to a high fashion garment.

The evolvement of the Military jacket from functional to fashionable  can be dated as far back as the 1920’s but Nordic Poetry have a love for the army surplus jacket and the camouflage print that exploded in the nineties and noughties hip hop and grunge movement. Military style and its link to music can be associated with the Jamaican Rude Boys subculture which  heavily influenced urban lifestyles.


There’s no doubt that camouflage print has seen a comeback in popularity over the past couple of years as a contemporary trend. The emergence of the print in hip hop and urban fashion is self-evident. Most popular item being the casual army jacket, it’s solidified itself as a staple. Artists such as Lil Wayne, Drake, Rhianna and Nas to name a few, sporting the prints almost religiously, it’s obvious that it’s become reborn as a ‘swag piece’.


When it comes to army surplus jackets we have to mention Grunge. The style of Grunge culture was shabby, disheveled, with ripped jeans, old trainers or combat boots, beanie hats and one of the iconic pieces was the army surplus jacket. King of Grunge Kurt Cobain, worked the army jacket with effortless style.



Recent artists like Grimes have  reworked the army jacket. As the Military trend marches on, check out Nordic poetry’s site which is constanly updated with army surplus jackets and vintage French camo print army jackets. This is an item that is cool casual and suits a variety of audiences.


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