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What is there not to love about 93 year old Grand Dame of Fashion and certifiable 'It Girl', Iris Apfel? In London town to premier the new documentary on her life, Iris, directed by the legendary Albert Maysles, the renowned and fabulous fashion icon, a lover of the brightest colours and boldest accessories, shares her life and fashion philosophies.



For Iris, fashion must always be fun. She loves to improvise and the act of getting dressed has become to her a creative art. Her wild ensembles always feature layers and layers of costume jewellery, which she hunts through flea markets and haggles with shop owners over..  She talks often of her impatience with banality in the fashion industry, complaining that young hoards of fashionistas all dress the same, conforming to a fashionable 'uniform' and losing their imaginations in the process. 'I think the worst faux pas in fashion is to look in a mirror and see somebody else—which so many people do. They think a dress is going to transform them. They don’t realize it’s themselves and their attitude. Because that’s what style is: attitude, attitude, attitude." She also believes that fashion should be taken with a pinch of salt, "I love fashion, I think it’s wonderful, but it’s not my life. There are other much more important things that keep me up at night."



Here at Nordic Poetry, we think we could all take a thing or two from Miss Apfel! There should be no rules in fashion, only fun!

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