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Our Nordic Crush of the month is on super-babe Gala Gonzalez, of fame! The Spanish-born, London based fashion blogger, DJ, designer, model, stylist and all round it-girl has our hearts a-flutter with her effortlessly cool style, which we think is very on-point with our own Nordic aesthetic! When not roaming the streets of Shoreditch, the Spanish beauty travels the world representing and collaborating with brands such as Superga, YSL, Cartier, Ellie Saab and Mango; regularly sits front-row at major fashion shows, and gets snapped by the street style papz - her constantly changing, yet always classic looks providing inspiration for the fashionable all around the world.

// Get Gala-fied at Nordic Poetry, click through the images to shop the looks! //

Gala does: Mint green, floor length gown - teamed effortlessly with trainers for a casual, fun twist.









Nordic does:      











Gala does: Cute, printed mini- dresses for 60's mod vibe. The brighter the colour, the better!

16748047294_6f4955d8da_b     16616363849_c2e16093cd_b     18000328820_c61a7073a2_b

Nordic does:

 n106      untitled-63      untitled-100



Gala does: Suede
19231662346_72f34a108d_b    17174055915_a967ffcb71_b          

Nordic does:         

n98_2      n140       n11_1



Gala does: Patchword denim skirts


Nordic does:  ... it in leather










Gala does: Double denim & leather dungarees

 Nordic does: 

n143_1Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 15.52.13197   

untitled-127untitled-6Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 15.36.13

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