Nordic Poetry and Holograms

Nordic Poetry caught up with the Holograms in London as they are getting ready to play at

1234 Saturday 1st September.


This month we wrote a short blog post about the Holograms (Swedish punk band) who have been playing
in the office none stop, so when we heard they had agreed to meet us in East London, you could imagine the excitement
at the chance to get some rare stories and have funstyling them in our favourite A/W trends.



So this is the story of Nordic Poetry and the holograms….

It is Wednesday the 29th August 2012 and we are in the heart of buzzing East London which is best known for

Jack the Ripper, buzzling markets and now a days fashion, underground raves, music and pop-up art galleries.

So a perfect location to catchup with Anton Spetze (vocals/guitars), Filip Spetze (vocals/synth),
Andreas Lagerström (vocals/bass) and Anton Strandberg (drums) who all make up the Holograms.

We are sat in one of many Bricklane curry houses, as we thought we would feed the
kidz to give them some energy for their upcoming gig this Saturday- and from reading
previous interviews we know they are on a budget diet ,so a treat will surely go down well.

Nordic: hej hej good to meet you guys, i see there is one member down

Holograms: Filip is sick and wasn’t able to come, but we have a stand in – Axel ( what a legend, super funny guy)

Nordic: Shame, but he will be back to full health and ready to start your US tour, right?

Holograms: Yeah he should be joining us in London on Saturday

Nordic: So we can tell everyone the good news about your US visa confirmation?

Holograms: yeap we are set to leave for our US tour on 3rd Sep and playing 17 gigs all together.
Everyone is super relieved as it was a big concern and specially as its so close to us leaving. But its all good

Nordic: I bet it was a massive relieve! So what is the one thing you want to do while touring  the US?

Holograms: We want to shoot some shit!

its America so why not…

Nordic:  Brilliant!  anything in particular?

Holograms: Andreas has a taxidermy owl and wants to make him some friends hahahah….

Nordic: Good luck with that..  So i bet you guys get up to all sort of random antics?
Not with your owl because that would be a weird question…

Holograms: haaa yeah not with the owl

I think the funniest is when Anton text us in Paris saying that he had been shot

Nordic: WHAT?? Funniest??!!

Holograms: Yeah it was joke! we had been talking about shootings in bars, and
Anton went out to get cash and thought it was funny to text us saying that he had been shot!

it gets better.. as he is taking cash out from an ATM a man starts to pat him down
and search him and takes Anton’s  phone without him knowing.

We obviously tried to call him and no answer, so we panic and run down the streets of
Paris shouting Anton’s name like lunatics.

We was seriously sweating by now…

5 mins later Anton walks in to the bar, not knowing what we had been going through and is like
‘Hej guys’   we are all so relieved, but pissed off too and ask what the **** happend?!

He then tells as that he had text us as a joke and then seconds after someone toke his phone…

the best thing is the guy came back and gave him back his phone as it was sooo shit!! ahahahahha hahahah….

Nordic: Apart from pretending to get shot and wanting to shoot owls to add to Andreas
taxidermy collection, what other random antics have you got your self’s in??

Holograms: Well we all do have the same tattoo (outline of a planet tattoo on their forearm)
from the siger of Friends (Samantha Urbani) at a very drunken gig we did with them.


Nordic: Fun times!! sound like you guys will come back from the US with some great stories,
so we need to do a follow up interview when you get back!

We can’t wait. 

We toke the guys on a night out in Dalston and if anyone had the pleasure or
should i say the miss fortune of seeing us, then I/ we are sorry.

What happens in Dalston stay’s in Dalston!! hahahaah

To be continued…..

Andreas wears: Vintage Sex Pistals biker jacket whith his own t-shit http://www.nordicpoetry.co.uk/men/biker-jackets/vintage-1970-s-sex-pistols-leather-jacket

Anton wears: Red levis shirt and camouflage army jacket http://www.nordicpoetry.co.uk/men/jackets-coats/vintage-british-army-combat-jacket, http://www.nordicpoetry.co.uk/men/shirts/vintage-levis-denim-shirt

Axel wears: camouflage jacket and barbour waxed gilet http://www.nordicpoetry.co.uk/men/jackets-coats/vintage-american-camouflage-jacket-shirt

Anton wears: Lee Storm Rider demin jacket- which is unisex and http://www.nordicpoetry.co.uk/women/denim/lee-storm-rider-jacket

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