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What does Retro Clothing mean?

Retro is taken from the work retrospective, meaning to look back on the past. Retro clothes can be from any era prior to the 90’s. As a rule vintage retro clothing should be anything older than 15 years old. Therefore clothing from the early to mid 90’s can be classed as retro – and is currently most popular…

Vintage Retro Clothing by Nordic Poetry

Vintage Retro Clothing now popular culture

Vintage retro clothing is becoming increasingly popular with fashion designers taking inspiration from previous era’s styles and incorporating them into new seasons clothing lines and calling them retro. Take Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren for example, debuting their Spring/Summer 13 collection with 50’s shapes and retro styles at New York Fashion Week this September.

Ralph Lauren / Calvin Klein vintage retro Fashions at NYFW

It is becoming increasingly popular on the high street too, with high street brands such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters embracing the Vintage Retro Look. Bright colours and fabrics used in the 80’s and 90’s are being used to create retrospective looks of yesteryear.

How to find genuine Vintage Retro Clothing

Since vintage retro clothing’s rise in popularity there has also been a rise in vintage clothing sellers. You can buy good vintage retro clothing from independent sellers on the high street and in markets; there has also been a boom on the internet with retailers selling their retro clothing online making it easy to buy good quality vintage retro clothing wherever you live. An independent retailer Nordic Poetry do both, really really well. With a very successful stall in London’s Spitalfields Market and an online presence too you can buy Nordic Poetry’s vintage retro clothing no matter where you live.

Nordic Poetry a vintage retro clothing retailer

Nordic Poetry was set up by Scandinavian girl with a passion for fashion, all kinds of fashion, but mainly vintage retro fashion, Nordic Poetry spend a great deal of time and effort searching for beautiful and unique vintage retro clothing for their customers. Often restoring items to their past glory and bringing fresh ideas on how to wear vintage retro clothing to make it current.

Vintage Retro Striped High Waisted Jeans by Nordic Poetry

Retro Vintage Metallica Shirt from Nordic Poetry

Vintage Pink Panther Retro Dungarees by Nordic Poetry


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