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Scandinavian Sweater Style

Nordic style has been big in Britain for a while. From high street brands like H&M and Cheap Monday, to high end Acne and Filippa K. However, these names may not be the first thing that springs to mind when Scandinavia is mentioned, so much as those dreaded jumpers your Nan would knit for you at Christmas.

Could it be this nostalgic quality that has inadvertently brought nordic knits to the forefront of modern winter fashion? This isn’t the first year that knitted jumpers have made the rounds, not only on the catwalk, but on the high street too. The ghastly prints and clashing colours don’t exactly make for a trendsetting look, but somehow it works. And they’re just so warm!



The prints actually date back to the mid-1800’s, when the Selbu Rose, also known as the Norwegian Star, became a popular design on jumpers in Norway. However similar knitting patterns have been found dating back to the 16th century in Italy, France, Sweden and Germany.

Modern designs still include the traditional Selbu rose, but also tend to feature snowflakes and reindeer, making them a huge Christmas trend, and irresistible when it comes to evenings snuggled up by the fire.

The look has also been made famous in modern popular culture as the signature outfit of The Killing’s Sara Lund. The Danish show’s star wears the iconic jumper to prove herself as a self-assured woman who doesn’t need to use her sexuality to be successful – an inspirational statement made in style! In fact, so influential has her character been that factories in the Faroe Islands have been inundated with requests for matching sweaters.



Nordic  Poetry, in true Scandinavian style, have stocked up on some gorgeous knits to keep you warm this winter. Available in all designs and sizes, the jumpers can be worn oversized with tights, with jeans or leggings, or even tucked into some high waisted shorts. Whatever way you wear them, Scandinavian sweaters are the style to be seen in this season.


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