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Story of the Biker Jacket

What can epitomise cool more than a vintage biker jacket, signifying decades of rebellion and freedom. The classic biker jacket will always be an uber chic fashion statement oozing stylish sex appeal, we are not the first to discover the appeal of the biker jacket, let Nordic Poetry take you on a journey through the history of this infamous vintage piece

The initial development of the motorcycle jacket began with companies like Schott who opened in 1913, and began producing motorcycle jackets during the 1920’s. Irving Schott's leather jackets were lovingly branded with the name of his favourite cigar - the Perfecto. By the mid-twenties Schott NYC was revolutionising the way Americans dressed for the outdoors they were the first to put a zipper on a jacket.The iconic image of Marlon Brando in the perfecto biker jacket in the 1953 film The Wild One represents the rebellious 1950’s biker culture which will forever be a part of the freedom of youth during the 50’s. The movement had such an impact that schools around the country banned students from wearing bikers.

During the 1950’s James Dean earned his rebel reputation with a little help from one of his favourite items of clothing.

Let’s fast forward to the 1970’s when the punk era revolutionised the leather jacket. Spearheaded by Vivienne Westwood it became the uniform for rockers like The Ramones, Blondie and of course The Sex Pistols. Debbie Harry’s sleeveless vest was inspiration for designers like Alexander Wang who has an eclectic collection of bikers.

In the 1984 smash hit terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his leather clothing gained cultural status and who remembers Harrison Ford in his brown leather jacket as ‘Indiana Jones’ - another iconic image. The list of Hollywood superstars wearing leather to portray legendary characters goes on and on.

In more recent years the biker jacket has kept its culturally cool status. Many designers have experimented with alternative versions of the jacket but the classic styles which are reminiscent of the Perfecto will always have a strong hold in history. A leather biker jacket is an item that will always be a beautiful accessory to whatever lifestyle you choose.

Nordic Poetry has a selection of biker jackets from across the decades for you to enjoy. We even have the ultimate treasure -  a Perfecto. Check us out.

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