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2012 is likely to be remembered by the fashion world as the year that spikes took over. Everywhere you look, once plain items of clothing are now emblazoned with studs – we thought it was just because we’re situated in East London, the home of all extreme fashion fads, but no. Up and down the UK, everything is studded, from jackets to bag, to shoes, and even leggings!

Dating back to 1970s Punk fashion, the spike trend has certainly taken a mainstream turn over the past year or so. But whilst its easy to go overboard, here at Nordic Poetry we believe that understated is best. Covering every limb in studs might seem like a good idea, but its actually more of a health and safety hazard!

Opt for one spiked piece, whether its the heels of your shoes or the shoulders of your jacket, it stands out more and avoids the tacky, too-much-of-a-good-thing vibe.

At Nordic Poetry we've got some fabulous hand-studded pieces on offer. Jackets are made to order so you can selected different washes and sizes according to your requirements. Check them out HERE!


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