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High Waisted Jeans

The 90’s is having a huge fashion revival at the moment, and one of the biggest trends which can be seen at the moment is high waisted jeans. They can be both flattering and completely the opposite if not styled correctly and you are in dangerous territory of looking frumpy or like your mum in her gardening jeans. The easiest, and most flattering, way of styling them is have them tight at the hips, but not so tight at the waist that they are cutting in and creating an unflattering silhoutte. High waisted jeans are actually quite comfortable, but only once you find the one, the one pair that fits you like a glove and moves with you. Some pairs cut in all the wrong places and can be extremely uncomfortable if they have to be worn higher!

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Fashion Updates

History of Denim

Like many others Nordic Poetry has a passion for denim, worn by all ages and enriched with qualities of youth and rebellion, denim is more than just fabric it’s a symbol of heritage and freedom. Our website is full of vintage denim pieces and we think it’s only right that we treat you to a little history on denim and its important role in western culture as well as some of the iconic brands and famous figures who have celebrated it over the decades.

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