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The Revival of the Vintage Band T-Shirt

Band t-shirts have been a way of showing support to musicians for decades, marking the wearer as a member of whatever scene they conform to. Especially popular in the 1980’s, fans associated with rock, metal and grunge sub-cultures frequently wore their favourite band’s merchandise to make a statement against mainstream trends. Though generally associated with male metal fans, women have been wearing band t-shirts for a while now, and are partly responsible for 2012’s grunge fashion obsession.

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Inside Nordic Poetry, Look of the week

Nordic Poetry’s Look of the Week #1

Nordic Poetry have a fabulous stall at Spitalfields Market and we have the chance to meet lots of stylish guys and girls all the time. So we thought it would be fun to do a Look of the week! We will post a few photos up every week of the top stylish outfits and let you vote for the best of the week. Simply go to our facebook page and click like on the outfit you like most.

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