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The Evolution of The Varsity Jacket

The varsity jacket isn’t exactly a new trend to take over modern fashion. With huge names such as Kanye and Jay Z sporting the look as it rises into the mainstream. The styles worn by today’s elite tend to reflect modern day baseball jackets, with leather sleeves and team names emblazoned in signature colours, but the trend goes back much further than some may think.

The iconic ‘H’ on Harvard’s jackets, also known as Lettermans, actually dates back as far as 1865, when only the captains of the prestigious school’s sports teams could don the ‘H’ on their jerseys. Steadily, the tradition evolved. By 1930 the look had grown from a simple shirt, to a wool jacket with leather sleeves, the same style that is popular today.


In the ‘50s, the look became popular amongst girls, who would wear their boyfriends jackets for a preppy look, which also marked them as the girlfriend of one of the school’s team captains. The jacket’s fashion ties to the American jock look faded as stars such as James Dean and Elvis were seen donning the style, helping the Letterman to take off as a sought after trend.

Whilst still associated with sports teams in the US, especially at Ivy League colleges, college jackets have become a global trend, and were featured in a slew of autumn/winter catwalks last year. The varsity jacket naturally lent itself to the fashion world’s infatuation with both Americana and preppy style. A look that transcends both summer and winter styles, college jackets can be styled with anything from leather shorts to maxi dresses for girls, or chinos to skinny jeans for guys. 2012 is no different, with the look holding strong for another chilly season. A great smart casual addition to anyone’s wardrobe, college jackets are a great alternative to chunky winter coats, and look great as part of a layered look in colder winter weather.




Varsity jackets bring a hint of nostalgia for days that few of us can remember. Moderns styles boast a wide selection of colour sets and abandon the traditional high school symbols. Nordic Poetry have sourced some true vintage treasures - a range of the coolest varsity looks which are great for guys and girls and go with any look, from daytime style to evening wear.



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