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After it’s well educed coma, we’ve successfully revived the 70’s. We welcome back suede skirts, denim dresses, cotton crop tops, flared jeans, platform shoes, loose fitting Indian summer dresses. London is definitely excited for this summer’s reunion.

70's Indian boho - Nordic Poetry Black Tassle Vest - Nordic Poetry 70's Indian boho Summer dress red - Nordic Poetry

In contrast to later decades, the seventies encompasses a sense of ease with luxurious basics and relaxed silhouettes, proportionate denim and opens the range of textiles. The decade of the seventies represented freedom that had been fought for during the 60’s to mid 70’s. It is said that the 60’s were thought of as the beginning of ‘The Golden Age’ however that did not materialise, but brought us to over a decade long fight for freedom that finally came to a somewhat dormant discourse that is now more relevant than ever. This fight, fury and rebellion manifested in many forms throughout society and culture. Influencing many factors of everyday living for the individual. One in particular is how it changed the mould of how men and women dress. Offering the un-restricting alternatives that represent freedom, the loose fits and easy care items that provide us with a less intentional, focused fashion and rebelling against the enforced restraints of previous decades. The mould of how we saw and dress women changed, granting us with clothing that didn’t control our shape, but like our hair, let us run wild.

70's Flared Levi's Jeans - Nordic Poetry A-line Brown Suede Skirt - Nordic Poetry White Crochet Dress - Nordic Poetry

We focus on the likes of Serge Gainsbourg muse and leading lady, Jane Birkin. The iconic woman that helped voice fashion in the seventies and showed women to dress for themselves. Birkin's style was envied whilst influencing women worldwide. It’s said that Birkin's humble shape and long limbs enabled her to push boundaries that women with more bountiful bodies wouldn’t be able to get away with, but in reality it wasn’t the clothes she was wearing that defined her as a fashion icon, but the exuberant carefree attitude.


This season we emulate the golden girls of the seventies. Moving away from such things as the nineties ‘The Rachel’ and back to Farrah Fawcett ‘Farrah Flick’. We’re re-channeling Brigitte Bardot’s ‘Bardot Neckline’ with shoulder to shoulder open tops. Re-modernising fleetwood mac’s front-woman, Stevie nicks ‘Modest girl’ look. Accompanying her flamboyant silhouettes and psychedelic prints with fringe jackets, flared jeans and suede boots.

London we have revived the seventies.


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