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The Revival of the Vintage Band T-Shirt

Band t-shirts have been a way of showing support to musicians for decades, marking the wearer as a member of whatever scene they conform to. Especially popular in the 1980’s, fans associated with rock, metal and grunge sub-cultures frequently wore their favourite band’s merchandise to make a statement against mainstream trends. Though generally associated with male metal fans, women have been wearing band t-shirts for a while now, and are partly responsible for 2012’s grunge fashion obsession.

In more recent years, band tees have been picked up as a trend by almost everyone – annoyingly, even those who have never heard of the bands emblazoned on their chests. Since high street stores have begun producing tops branded with everyone from Guns N’ Roses to The Beatles, they’ve been pretty easy to get your hands on. Though guys are lucky enough to be able to throw on a t-shirt with anything, band t-shirts may make girls feel less feminine, due to their loose fit and washed out shades.

The rule with band tees, since the high street took over, is the more obscure the better. We all know those signature band logos, but there are some seriously cool vintage pieces out there, from tour merch to one off promotional gear, that will really make you stand out from the rest. Nordic Poetry have picked up some of the coolest vintage band tees, which are perfect for the colder seasons. And we’ve even found some girly ways to wear them!


From the left:  go girly with a pencil skirt, rock the casual look with a jacket and shorts or glam up the grunge look with leather trousers and heels!

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